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Terms of Use

Po-int makes services and information (hereinafter called “contents”) available to the public through this website.

Please read the user conditions carefully before accessing this website. Access to and use of this site assume the user has accepted the terms described here and any modification, should it become necessary, which must be periodically verified directly by the user for greater knowledge and information. We ask users who do not wish to accept these conditions, to leave this site immediately.

This website has been created respecting the Italian laws in force.

Po-int does not guarantee the legality or acceptability of this website as regards the jurisdiction of other countries. The links highlighted in this website will allow you to leave the Italian domain, and to enter third party sites. Please take note that different user conditions or policies may apply to other websites. Po-int advises you to take note of this important information.

Po-int is neither a representative nor a guarantor for any third party website you may choose to access through this site.

The links offered by Po-int to other sites are provided solely for information purposes.

This does not imply any kind of adhesion, by Po-int, to the contents of these sites.

Access to the website

Access to the Po-int site is free, and requires no prior authorisation, subscription or registration. Nevertheless, subscription or registration by the user could be requested to issue certain information.

Po-int is not responsible for the quality and access speed to this site and the user cannot request any compensation deriving from possible losses or damages connected to these circumstances.

Po-int shall also not be held responsible for possible inexact operations, damage, wear, data or software cancellation which could occur to the equipment or to the user systems as a direct or indirect consequence of access or attempted access to the website.

The contents

The intellectual ownership of the contents of this website belongs to Po-int since Po-int is the holder of the moral and property rights attributed to the contents.

The user is authorised to see, download, and reproduce the contents of this website within the limits established by the law on author rights and, including in all cases, the copyright notice. All rights are reserved.

The information contained in our site is merely indicative and not finalised at specialist communication, nor to the solution of complex issues.

Therefore, no guarantee is issued as to the thoroughness and full validity of the information. There may be writing errors (also spelling errors) for which we apologize; the information offered in our website may be further updated, changed or corrected at any time, without previous notification to the user.

Rules on the use of the site

Access to or use of the contents and services included or provided through this website must be made in conformity to the laws in force. Po-int is not responsible for consequences that may arise for improper use of the website. Po-int reserves the right to legally pursue any direct or indirect damage to the site, in particular as regards the introduction of viruses or software that can harm or damage the contents and/or smooth operation of the site, equipment or site operator systems.

The use of brands and exchange of information

Po-int does not authorise the receipt of information that is confidential or of critical importance through this website. All the information received shall be considered non-confidential; consequently, Po-int will consider itself free from any constraint in use of the same.

Furthermore, Po-int authorises you to reproduce the information and images contained in its site for private use only. You must undertake not to change or alter the contents of the original material, to use the images only accompanied by the original Po-int texts, and to always include the note: "© Po-int. All rights reserved”. This material cannot be used for any public or commercial nature without specific written authorisation from Po-int.

We remind you that the Po-int brand is registered.

This website also contains information on data confidentiality. The user should also access these special terms and conditions.

Applicable law

The use and access of this website are regulated in compliance with Italian law. Po-int and the user shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Monza,  Italy.

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